Recreation/Inspiration for Final 

Thanksgiving photos! 

Reflective Surface! 

Creepy Finals + sm x-tras ;)

ISO1600 f/6.3 1/30sec

ISO1600 f/6.3 1/30 sec

ISO1600 f/22 7.1sec

ISO1600 f/3.5 1/3sec

ISO1600 f/4.2 1/1600sec

ISO1600 f/5.6 1/1600sec

ISO1600 f//9.0 2.5sec

Here’s my costume…. ha ha… i didn’t really get a costume this year… i didn’t have time… but at least it looks cool :) 

P.S. I actually used some of these photos as part of the creepy project ;) 


I thought this posted on Wednesday but it didnt show up!!!! This is my second time posting this!! :( 

I am critiquing Samantha Neuhring’s work. Overall, she did not have a lot of work posted on Tumblr, but I got a sense of what she likes, and the style that she has. I can actually relate to her work, because she seems to be doing a lot of natural, outside shooting, where she includes the grass, trees, and pretty much everything to do with nature. Since she didn’t post too many things of her work, I will try to explain what she posted, separately. She first posted some of her old photos she said she still enjoys, where there were a wide variety of compositions. One is with the sun hiding behind clouds, where the lighting is amazing, and it brings my attention to it. There’s one with a beach, where there is a lot of lighting, and a few people I really like one picture where she captured paints, the colors are mixed with other colors and it looks messy but strong at the same time. For the depth assignment, she used a model – Kylie. I really like the pictures she came up with, but I only see depth in one of the pictures, where there’s a bush in front of Kylie’s face. The rest of the pictures are pretty normal, and clear. There is no blur of the background or anywhere else in the pictures. I think she didn’t really understand the Self Portrait assignment, because she took pictures of her five objects, separately, instead of incorporating them into a composition for her portrait. Out of all the pictures, she actually ended up with some successful ones, like the one with the flower, the make up, and one with strong lightning, but the one with the dog, I don’t think that it can count as a portrait. She did a good job on the Rule of Thirds assignment, because she photos where you can clearly see how the Rule of Thirds is incorporated. The one with the river is leading, and I think it’s a great way to portray a leading photo. There is some where she used her model again, and she was placed at the corner of the picture, or on the side. Overall I think she has good ideas, but she needs to take more time on her projects, and should clearly understand what she needs to do.


Panning Photos

ISO1600 f/14 1/125sec

ISO1600 f/14 1/125sec

ISO1600 f/14 1/125sec

ISO500 f/8.0 1/50sec

Freeze Photos

ISO1600 f/4.5 1/2000sec

ISO1600 f/5.0 1/640sec

ISO1600 f/5.0 1/800sec

ISO500 f/4.5 1/400sec

Blurred Photos 

ISO500 f/22 1/8sec

ISO1600 f/11 1/100

ISO500 f/22 1/8sec

ISO1600 f/10 1/100sec

Motion final 4

ISO1600 f/14 1/125sec

ISO1600 f/5.0 1/800sec

ISO1600 f/6.3 1/125sec

ISO1600 f/11 1/100sec